Canada and Australia New Lines Alert! Use Our Shipping To Win Free Delivery
Canada and Australia New Lines Alert! Use Our Shipping To Win Free Delivery
SUGARGOO is more considerate and affordable making it the #1 choice for shipping Chinese products overseas.
Services offered by SUGARGOO
Receive and send overseas shopping items or relatives and friends' items from mainland China
SUGARGOO supports multiple logistics route options.
Free quality inspection and signing and QC pics.
100 days free storage of goods service.
Provide paid value-added logistics services (vacuum packaging / reinforced packaging / moisture-proof packaging, etc.)
1 Submit a list of items
2 SUGARGOO checks the goods
and places it into storage
3 Submits a package
4 Signs & Reviews
How to transfer
  • 1
    STEP 1Submit Product List
      1. Check the address of SUGARGOO's exclusive warehouse and copy it into the forwarding platform's shipping address field.
      2. Submit a list/description of the items and logistics information (courier name and tracking number)
      1. After completing 1) get the logistics number, you can enter 2) submitting product list and logistics information.
      2. Forwarding platform: Taobao, Tmall, Jingdong, Weidian, Xiaoyu, etc.
  • 2
    STEP 2Sugargoo inspects the items and store it into the warehouse
      Signing and quality inspection, weighing and storage, after storage the products will be displayed in "Member Center" - "My Orders" - "Product Status".
      When signing for quality inspection, SUGARGOO will strictly adhere to the inspection criteria, and if any problems are found, we will provide feedback and assist you in solving the issues found as soon as possible.
  • 3
    STEP 3Parcel post
      1. Submit Parcel for delivery.
      In "My Orders", select the product status as "Deliverable Parcel", check the product and click "Submit Parcel".
      1. 100 days free storage service at the SUGARGOO warehouse.
      2. Purchasing more items and ship together would save you international shipping costs.
      2. Fill out the address and pay for shipping.
      Fill in your address information, select the logistics route from the recommended shipping routes, submit the package order and pay the international shipping fee.
      1. Some products are subject to shipping restrictions, SUGARGOO has screened the available logistics routes for you, you can choose from them!
      2. International shipping costs are calculated based on the estimated weight of the items, the shipping method selected, and the shipping area.
      3. The difference in shipping costs will be refunded to your SUGARGOO account after shipment.
      3. SUGARGOO warehouse delivery.
      Items combined packaging, weighing, reinforcement, photo and delivery.
      1. SUGARGOO can provide services related to remove packing/strengthening/insurance, and you can choose value-added services according to your needs.
      2. In the process of sending international parcels, accidents may occur with a small probability, such as time delay, tax duty, damage, seized and lost, etc. SUGARGOO is unable to control and avoid service quality and unexpected problems of third-party logistics providers and national customs, but in the spirit of responsible customer service, SUGARGOO will inform and warn in advance according to the conditions of each route and country. And to actively assist with issues as they arise
  • 4
    STEP 4Parcel Signing & Review
      In the member center "My Parcels" you can check international logistics tracking information and parcel confirmation.
      Please note: shipping points are given after signing (after packaging confirmed reecived), 1 yuan = 1 point, and the points can be used to gift redemption.
  • FAQ
    How do I get my exclusive warehouse address?
    ATo use the forwarding service, you need to ship the items/parcels to the SUGARGOO warehouse address. After you register as a SUGARGOO member, you can enter the "Member Center" - "International Transit". You can get your own personal warehouse address by going to "Warehouse Address". View My Warehouse Address.
    Can any item be forwarded?
    ADue to the customs policies of various countries and the special nature of international transportation, there are strict restrictions on the mailing of goods, for details, please refer to "Restrictions on Inbound and Outbound Goods" or contact customer service online.
    1. The forwarding service is not part of the purchasing service. If the goods are purchased using the SUGARGOO purchasing service, there is no need to submit the forwarding again.